Sunday School

The mission statement is "Sharing  the  truth  to  reach  the  lost  and  equip  the  believer."  
This is accomplished by using God's Word and the Bible based teaching materials in each class.  This occurs for an hour before services, after children will join their families for our service. We offer a variety of classes for all ages and needs!

Our Sunday School starts at 9:25 am. 

Toddler- Kindergarten

Using the alphabet to teach Biblical concepts and stories from the Bible The class also offers play time and focuses on learning concepts that will prepare the student for school.

1st – 2nd  Grade

This class encourages  the students to read for themselves with guidance and help. The students choose what person or topic they want to learn about each week. Interactive methods from mazes to word-match exercises help students of all abilities understand.

3rd – 4th Grade

Class begins with the students reading a lesson and working on puzzles and games in workbooks provided to coincide with the lesson. The students learn more about the Bible by looking up scriptures that go along with the lesson for the week. They are also encouraged to share prayer requests and time is allotted each week for group prayer.

5th – 8th Grade

Teaching pre-teens through use of different media and group discussions. Emphasis on broadening personal Faith.

Teens – College age

Each week a new Biblical topic is presented and discussed. Teachings and discussions focus on helping the students to deepen their faith.

Pastor’s Class

Pastor John Jaros takes time to dive deep into the meaning of scripture. He provides historical context for verses and subject matter studied.  Discussion of topics and small group sharing enrich the understanding of God’s Word.

Adult Class

Each Sunday this adult class meets in the sanctuary to discuss Bible topics. Learning through sharing of ideas and discussion is encouraged.

Women’s Discipleship Class

Learning to mature in our faith through discipleship. Learn to apply scripture to daily life, build relationships with women. Lift each other up and hold each other accountable.

Men's Bible Study 

Join us for a meaningful time for men’s fellowship and studying the bible.