Rental of Life Center at the church

We have great spaces for rental to meet all your needs.
Whether it be a family event, meeting or special gathering we can accommodate all. There are some steps for utilizing the spaces.

1. Select space

Our rental spaces include:
  • Community Life Center (CLC) 
  • Gym
  • CLC Kitchen
  • Burrows Auditorium
  • Sanctuary
  • Meacham Center (meeting room only).
  • Basement

2. Check Calendar

Please check our calendar for dates and times available  for each and any of the spaces you are interested in renting.

3. Submit Rental Agreement

You will need to submit a rental agreement to the church office, prior to use of the space.

4. Enjoy the space

We ask that fellow please leave the space as clean, if not perhaps cleaner.  There are charges for the use of certain spaces. Please see rental agreement for all other usage regulations and responsibilities.

How To Contact Us

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